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Is your child child/teenager dealing with Insecurity, Sensitivity, Fail to failure feelings, or Emotion regulation problems? Do you want less struggle with your child? Personal guidance from Social Worker Laura @ Avila Beach can help you with this. Contact us for a Free intake!

The wish of every parent is that their child is happy!

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E Mucha

Personal guidance for parents and their children/teenagers who, for whatever reason, are not feeling well or run into something. Your child may be sending out a signal that something is wrong and that you, he or she, needs help. Examples? Click on the link below.



Free intake

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Individual guidance

About me

Hi, I'm Laura, Bachelor Social Work

My passion is helping children and their parents with a positive solution-oriented approach by working together.  An effective short-term process with quick results. Take the first step , I look forward to meeting you! 

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Various interactive workshops by professionals about:

  • Positive parenting

  • Fears

  • Structure

  • Puberty 

  • Internet use with children

  • Sibling Rivalry

Self care...

...while you're waiting.

Life as a parent can sometimes be quite hectic: children go to school, working at the office and in the evening there has to be food on the table again. You as a parent also deserve the necessary self-care. If you feel happy then you can take better care of others.

When your child is in a session, you have the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee on the terrace or take a dip in the sea. Avila Beach Hotel also features a Spa with massages, a hairdresser and a gym that you can use while you wait.

Reactions from parents and children

'Thanks to you, you brought my child back in the spotlight and my child developed'

— Parent of child 7 years —
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