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Method at E Mucha

''Having fun, creating a safe environment and go home with a good feeling'

In my practice I work with a positive solution-oriented method. This is a method with which I support parents and children to solve challenges themselves by learning skills and working on the development of self-confidence.

Practicing and responding to your child's needs and interests. In the first session I will get to know your child and work on the relationship of trust. Through various creative activities, games, conversations, (movement) exercises. After each session I will provide feedback to you as a parent(s).


When you and your child feel good again and everything is back in balance, we will complete the traject with also a small assignment for you as a parent(s);). This is followed by an evaluation meeting with parents and your child in the same session. Of course there is always room for an aftercare session in the future.


Examples of techniques:

Conversations by using games, compliment cards, the quality game, the traffic light, therapeutic magic, creative activities such as drawing and painting.

Body-oriented work:

  • Visualization

  • Role play

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Creative Activities

  • Mindfulness

The guidance is tailor-made, how much time is needed depends on the situation.  

No information will be shared with third parties without permission from you as parent(s)

Why Pedagogical Guidance?

The help is accessible and  short term. Someone who is not too close, who understands you well and whom you can trust. The advantage of E Mucha is that I do not have a waiting list and that you do not need a referral from your GP for help. In other words, if you need help now, you can make an appointment right away.

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