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About me


My name is Laura, Social Pedagogical Caregiver


Nice to meet you! From an early age I loved working with children. After my studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I moved to Curacao in 2017. In the Netherlands I worked in the pediatric nursing department of the hospital, a residential group for young adults with autism, and then I set up a coaching program on Curacao for 'brussen'. This therapeutic program was offered to siblings and parents of special care children aged 4 to 18 years.

I am currently working at a local MBO/HBO school as a mentor and internship supervisor for teenagers and young adults.


I guide children in a creative way with involvement, love and a lot of enthusiasm!

Hopefully see you soon! Curious about my method ?

Education :

HBO -Social Pedagogical Caregiver, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences  


-Child in strength:

High sensitivity, Difficult conversations &  Solution-oriented working

-Youth care teaches:

Trauma sensitive work

            Hold me & Let me go, bonding

- Core vision Method :  When children learn differently

- Understanding Children Better : Understanding Children's Drawings Better 1

- Rutgers: Growing up with love

- Ronald McDonald children's fund; Care for parent and child + Family centered care

- Castillo Morales: Level 1

- Handle: Level 1


Dutch, English and German

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