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For who?

In my practice I guide parents and children / young people from 4 to 18 years

Is your child insecure, sensitive, easily angry or is he/she just not feeling well? Then 1-on-1 guidance is a good idea for both parents and the child/family.


Examples of challenges:

  • Low self esteem

  • Social skills (dealing with others)

  • Grounding in a new place

  • Fear to failure

  • Bullying / being bullied

  • Fears

  • Emotion regulation such as anger attacks

  • Tension & Stress

  • Sleep problems

  • Illness/Loss of a loved one  

If what you are looking for is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities. No question is too crazy and everyone is welcome.  

Why Pedagogical Guidance?

The help is accessible and  short term. Someone who is not too close, who understands you well and whom you can trust. The advantage of E Mucha is that I do not have a waiting list and that you do not need a referral from your GP for help. In other words, if you need help now, you can make an appointment right away. In the free intake, we investigate together whether I can offer the support that you and your child are looking for. It concerns requests for help that fit within the normal development of a child.  I do not conduct a diagnostic examination, such as with a psychologist.  If it turns out that I cannot provide the right support, I will discuss this with you and refer you. 

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